same day gold exchange

Frequently Asked

How much do you pay for gold?
We pay up to 90% of the daily gold price! We calculate how much cash we will offer for your gold based on the current market price. All cash payments are calculated in grams, a standard weight measurement in the precious metal industry. Honesty is very important to us, which is why we display the daily gold price on our website so you can check our calculations. The day we receive your gold, is the date we will use for the spot price to calculate an offer.
What is a spot price?
The spot price is the current market price for immediate delivery of a commodity. In the gold business, it refers to the price at which gold is trading for the day.
What kind of gold or jewelry will you accept?
Under the “What We Buy” tab, we list all items we buy. These items include gold, silver and platinum jewelry, broken or mismatched gold jewelry, luxury and designer jewelry, dental gold, and gold watches. We buy diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, and diamonds of all cuts, color, clarity and carat size. We also buy coins and bullions.
Is the Appraisal Kit free?
YES! The appraisal kit includes everything you need to mail back your items for an appraisal. The appraisal kit is mailed through FedEX with a tracking number and insurance all at NO COST TO YOU.
Will you match other offers?
Absolutely. We have a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE policy and we stand by our word. We will not only match a competitor’s price; we will pay you more!
How can I be sure my items will be secure in the packaging you send?
How will I know when you’ve received my appraisal kit and items?
When we receive your appraisal kit, we will send you a confirmation email that we have received your items. Email will be a primary method of communication, unless you specify otherwise. In the email, we will ask that you please confirm you have received the email by simply replying “received.”
What if I never received your emails/phone calls/official offer?
Please check your spam box. If we have not gotten your confirmation email back within 24 hours, we will reach out to you via other methods. We ask you provide us with your email address and telephone number.
What do I do if I am not satisfied with the amount of your offer?
If you are not satisfied with your offer, please click deny. We will reach out to you within 24 hours to come to a resolution on why you are not satisfied with the offer. If you have gotten a better price from a competitor, we will honor our price match guarantee. If you have simply changed your mind, we will send back your items free of charge!
Can I use my own packaging to send in my gold?
Yes. If you’d rather not wait for your mailed appraisal kit to arrive, select “print my kit” instead and print out all the materials you’ll need. This will include your FREE FedEx shipping label. You may package your items in any packaging you like.
Some jewelry has diamonds and semi-precious stones in the settings. Should I remove them or will you send them back to me?
We will pay you the wholesale value for your diamonds on top of the value of your gold so you may leave your jewelry intact. We also compensate for semi-precious stones, and we base these evaluations on their resale value. We recommend mailing in your items “as is” and if you are not satisfied with your offer, please remember you can simply deny the offer and we will return your items at no cost to you.